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Welcome to Raw Paw and thanks for visiting our website.

I’m Megan from Clitheroe,  I’ve been running the business since December 2018, with my side kick Jenson. Those of you who follow us on social media will be familiar with the curly ginger mascot. Jenson has been raw fed from a pup and has eaten Raw Paw since the very first batch was created, obviously!

The company was set up in November 2017 by my Brother, Bryn. After many hard hours of research, paperwork and form filling, the seal of approval was given for Raw Paw to begin. He did a get great job of getting the business off the ground, but working full time and trying to start a company is very full on. 12 months in, Bryn was offered a job he couldn’t turn down and relocated to Felixstowe. As I’d been helping make the batches of food, I knew the ropes pretty well and decided to ‘give it a go.’ I had nothing to lose….

Since then the van has been sign written, the Raw Paw customer base has grown, our freezers have doubled, there are now 4 flavours available at 4 different price points, we have 4 local stockists and have had trade stands at quite a few local shows. We rent a unit in Accrington where all the food is made and stored, all of our meat comes from DEFRA approved suppliers and as a company Raw Paw is also APHA regulated.

I’ve been able to do this alongside my other part time job as a freelance footwear designer. The mix of shoes and dog food is slightly odd, but I love the balance of office life and delivering to my customers and their waggy tailed friends, no week is the same. I usually make batches at the weekends, with the help of my boyfriend and Mum! 

I’m very proud of what Raw Paw is …. no fuss or frills, it’s what it says on the van….

> Premium raw dog food.
> The closest you can get to a dog’s natural diet.
> Locally prepared, packaged & delivered by hand.
> 100% Natural.

….there’s really not much more for me to say.  

If you would like to try a free sample, just get in touch.

Thanks for reading, Megan (& Jenson.) xxx

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