About Us

Raw Paw are your trusted local East Lancashire dog food provider, serving around the Ribble Valley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Blackburn and Darwen areas, we act on your behalf and ensure your dog achieves optimal health by an ideal nutritional diet. Let us do the messy bits so you don’t have to, meaning you can enjoy your time together without having to worry what you are feeding your pooch. Raw Paw meals contain all the natural vitamins needed to give your dog have a balanced, wholesome, fresh and complete diet.

We promise to give your dog the ideal nutrition to gain and maintain their optimal health. We are and will always be 100% grain free, with no bulking fillers, no chemicals or additives, preservatives, flavourings and sugar free!

We calculate the nutrients in our meals and make sure we provide only the best from our quality meat suppliers by using the finest human grade, protein filled quality meat. All our ingredients can be clearly found on our label, no devious terminology and everything is fully traceable.

We are proud of what’s in our nutritious meals. All our meat that we use is fresh, none of it is bought frozen, it’s all fresh before being prepared, portioned up, packaged and frozen into the convenient tray sized meals.

When we say it contains meat, it really does, our Raw Paw diet consists of the finest selection of meats and a diverse array of proteins including Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb etc! Depending on which range you treat your dog to, the meat content will be between a whopping 75-80% Meat, Offal and Bones, the remaining 20-25% being made up of our Seasonal Farm Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. For that little protein boost you can always add a raw egg to the meal.

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