Benefits of Feeding Raw Dog Food

Common Benefits

Some of the main reasons for feeding your dog Raw Paw are listed below. Many of these benefits are related and occur in unison to improve the overall health and lifestyle of your dog. For example, more protein in the diet often leads to a shinier coat, which can also mean no dry skin conditions. Less sensitive stomachs lead to cleaner faeces, which can alleviate anal gland problems and so forth.

A Shiny & Healthier Coat

Your dog's coat should become noticeably shinier, simply due to more protein in their diet.

Skin Problems Alleviated

Itchy, dry and sensitive skin can be improved. Most of the time these problems are due to food intolerances, most likely wheat, which is common in dry food. By changing to a wheat free diet like Raw Paw, long term skin problems can clear up with out the need for creams/medications.

Eases Sensitive Stomachs

Raw Paw is easier to digest because it's 100% natural and can help those with sensitive stomachs, inflammatory gastro-intestinal and pancreatic disorders.

Cleaner Faeces

This is one of the benefits that you will see pretty much straight away, even before your dog has fully transitioned on to Raw Paw; faeces are cleaner, more regular and solid, easier to pick up and smell less. Stools are smaller in size due to the higher quality food, no fillers or artificial ingredients are being consumed. Consequently this leads to better nutrient digestion and smaller poops!

Better Oral Hygiene

The ingredients used in dry foods, like carbs (sugar) fuel plaque growth. By feeding your dog Raw Paw, sugar is eliminated from the diet, meaning they shouldn't get plaque build up as easily and their breath should become fresher.

To promote healthy oral hygiene, we suggest feeding your dogs some of our raw bone treats. These are a great way to clean your dogs teeth, the abrasion from chewing on the bones help to naturally remove tartar and make the teeth sparkle.

Less Flatulence

Reduce those doggy trumps! This goes hand and in hand with better stomach health and smaller faeces. Raw Paw is easier to digest because it's 100% natural and less flatulence is a benefit for all!

Less Urine

Your dog should drink less water as a result of switching to a raw diet, because there is no salt or artificial ingredients in Raw Paw. This obviously means less urine is produced.

Improved Joints / Reduced Inflammation

More protein in the diet leads to leaner muscles around the joints, which in turn means less stress on the joints. The bone and cartilage in Raw Paw contain calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and other vital minerals, which help to maintain healthy joints.

Shed Fat, Gain Lean Muscle

Just like a bodybuilder on a lean diet, your dog should shed any unwanted fat. By switching to Raw Paw and cutting out those unnecessary artificial fillers, the fat should turn to muscle, resulting in a leaner appearance. It can help over weight dogs get back in shape.

Increased Interest in Food

Not all dogs suffer from this (especially not Labradors) BUT, there are dogs out there who suffer from a lack of appetite and interest in food. Raw Paw can help your dog regain their appetite, purely from the smell of a nutritious raw meat meal.

Improved Organ Health

Similar to the sensitive stomach benefit, Raw Paw is easy for dogs to process because it is natural and increases nutrient absorption and digestion. This means the food should be passing through the body with out any problems, causing no inflammation, aggravation or stress on internal organs, therefore leading to improved organ health.

Less Hyperactivity, More Stamina

On a no sugar, 100% natural Raw Paw diet, your dog should have more consistent energy levels and stamina. By removing sugar from the diet, you are reducing the spikes in energy levels caused by sugary dog foods and treats. Artificial dog foods and treats can have a similar effect on dogs behaviour, as feeding sweets to children!

Improved Mobility & Energy In Older Dogs

Providing you introduce Raw Paw gradually as advised, your dog should start to see the benefits listed here, despite their age. Dog's muscles naturally start to deteriorate with age, but a raw food diet packed with protein can help to maintain muscle mass, improving the overall condition of your dog. The joints and inflammation benefits mentioned previously will also help with your dog's mobility. If they are lean and of a healthy weight, there will be less stress on their joints which will help with conditions such as Arthritis. All of these benefits work hand in hand, helping your dog to achieve optimal health.

Reduced Anal Gland Problems

When dogs have a bowel movement, the faeces pass over the anal glands and these glands are activated, releasing pheromones with the stool. However, if the stool is soft, (often the case with kibble fed dogs) the anal glands aren't activated, which causes the pheromones to build up and leads to anal gland problems. This can be painful for the dog and they may drag their bottoms along the ground in an effort to activate the anal glands and release the build up. By feeding your dog Raw Paw their stools should always be firm and solid, eliminating any potential anal gland problems. In case you were wondering ...dogs release pheromones on their stools as a way of communicating, it's why dogs sniff each others bums!