Common Benefits

Many of the benefits below all tie in with each other to create a positive domino effect. More protein in the diet leads to a shinier coat, which also means no dry skin conditions and less joint and inflammation problems. No more sensitive stomachs lead to cleaner faeces which alleviates anal gland problems and so forth.

Shiny & Healthier Coat

Their coat is noticeably shinier, this is simply down to more protein in their diets.

Skin Problems Healed

Itchy, dry and sensitive skin improved. The majority of the time these problems are due to an intolerance to something in their diet, the majority of the time this is the wheat which dry kibble food is full of. By changing to a wheat free diet, long term skin problems can sort themselves out. There’s no need for creams and medications when you prevent the problem in the first place.

Sensitive stomachs

Raw meat is easier to digest and helps those with sensitive stomachs, inflammatory gastro-intestinal and pancreatic disorders.

Cleaner Faeces

Faeces are cleaner, more regular and solid, easier to pick up and smell less. They are smaller in size due to better food and nutrient digestion, as they are consuming only necessary foods containing no fillers, consequently they are digested better.

Fresher breath

The ingredients used in kibble don’t help this, Carbs (sugar) fuel plaque growth in dogs. The pellet shape offers no abrasion on the teeth. By feeding your dog a raw diet the sugar is reduced meaning the teeth don’t get plaque build up as easily.

We recommend giving your dog a proper bone once or twice a week. So cut out dry food, feed them Raw Paw dog food and offer them a nice meaty bone twice a week to give them a natural sparkle and fresher breath.

Less flatulence

Reduce those smelly moments. Hand in hand with a better stomach and faeces, less flatulence is a happy by product for all!

Less Urine

Your dog will drink less because the salty ingredients are reduced when comparing the Raw food diet to kibble.

Improved joints/ No inflammation

More protein, leaner muscles around the joints, less stress on the joints, the raw diet has all these. Calcium from the bones in the food will help also help the joints.

Shed Fat/Lean Muscle

Just like a bodybuilder on a lean diet, they’ll shed any unwanted fat, this is from cutting out those unnecessary wheat fillers and replacing the fat with muscle, leading to a far leaner appearance, also helping obese dogs get back in shape.

Interest in Food

Not all dogs suffer from this, but some who suffer from lack of appetite can regain their appetite just purely down to the smells that come from a delicious hearty raw meat meal.

Organs function better

Similar to sensitive stomachs, everything is now passing through as it should, there are no inflammation, no allergy, just clean food with no unwanted ingredients.

Less Hyper/Consistent Energy

A healthier weight, considerably less sugar, less chemicals and a less fatty diet leads to a more consistent energy release, with not as many spikes in energy, think of what happens when you give a child a pack of sweets!

Improved energy in older dogs

As long as you introduce a raw food diet slowly to older dogs, perhaps lightly cook it in the beginning. A weakened immune system even after lifelong abuse can recover a lot, leading to the benefits listed which will in turn make a difference to their energy, and hopefully shave a few years off the old dog! Older dogs muscles naturally start deteriorating, a raw food diet packed with protein can help maintain muscle mass helping the overall condition of your dog. Again, if they are lean they are a healthy weight meaning less stress on joints and arthritis, all these things help each other.

Anal gland problems

As faeces pass over the anal glands on the way out they are ‘activated’ causing pheromones to be released, however if the poo is soft, these don’t get activated and released and the pheromones build up and cause problems. This is very painful for a dog which causes them to drag their bottoms along the ground in an effort to ‘activate’ them and release the build up. Dogs release pheromones on to the stools which is a way in which dogs communicate. This is why dogs sniff each others bums.