1) Why should I change over, what benefits will I see?
Raw dog food is the original biological diet of a dog and therefore is the natural way we should be feeding our dogs. Click here to see what benefits it can have.
2) How do I change over to a raw diet?
Your dog will need to be introduced to raw food slowly over a week, especially if dry manufactured dog food (kibble) is all its even known. This is to give their stomach pH time to adapt to the good bacteria and restore their healthy digestion and metabolism. By the end of the week your dog can say goodbye to kibble and enjoy 100% nutritionally fulfilling Raw Paw dog food. Our simple nutrition plan breaks it all down easily into portion sizes required for each day.
3) Should I cook the meat?
No, unless your dog suffers from stomach issues, even then we can get them onto raw food over time. If your dog has a leaky gut, food intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome or if they are on medication that reduces their stomach acidity. If so then you can lightly cook it for 5 minutes, it doesn't need to be cooked as much as we would need it to be. Reduce the 5 minutes to 4, then 3, slowly over time introducing it more and more raw to your dog until the previous stomach issues have healed themselves and the pathogens are able to break down the food, at which point you can stop the cooking and serve it completely raw as nature intended.
4) My dog has allergies can I feed him Raw Food?
We currently do not offer specialised meals, however watch this space! Nevertheless, similar to the question above on cooking meat, if the meals are introduced slowly and cooked, over time your dogs allergies may cure themselves as your dogs stomach gets back to being fighting fit. If your dog has a more extreme allergy to for example Chicken, then you could feed him an all Beef diet, containing no chicken, likewise if your dogs allergic to beef, you could feed them the all Chicken diet. One meat meals are something we are working on, watch this space.
5) Can my dog eat raw food and if they do, won’t they get ill?
Simply put yes they can eat raw food, and no they won’t get ill! The raw diet is appropriate to all shapes and sizes of dogs, that’s because it’s as close to what they ate in the wild and a dog is built for this diet, it suits the way its digestive system is designed. Dogs are evolved carnivores that are primarily designed for eating meat. From their stomach acid being able to dissolve fresh bones in under an hour, to their hinge jaw structure, to their canine teeth, to their intestines design and layout, and their lack of amylase in the saliva, they are carnivores so that will not affect them. Whether you’re worried about Pathogens, Salmonella, bacteria and parasites a dogs whole biology is designed for raw meat, their stomach acidity is the strongest on the Ph scale, with a Ph of 1! That’s the same as battery acid! The enzymes in their saliva and stomach acid break down raw food easily and neutralise it. Think about how they can get away with starting to chew a thick bone, bury it for weeks, dig it back up and then eat it, with no repercussions. Even the more disappointing side to your dog, their ability to eat their own faeces, they still largely get away with it, their stomachs are bacteria neutralising machines!
6) How long can raw food stay frozen?
Up to 3 months from the day it was packaged up fresh and frozen. This date is on each container along with guidance and instructions for storage and serving.
7) How long can raw food be defrosted and refrigerated for?
When defrosting it is recommended that its defrosted in the fridge, take it out the day before its needed and defrost in the fridge. Once defrosted the food can last for 2-3 days if the lids resealed properly and the food refrigerated properly as per the instructions on the container. Never use the defrost mode on the microwave to defrost and never refreeze the meals.
8) Which size meals should I buy my dog, the 500g or 1000g?
This depends on the size or number of dogs you have. However much your dogs requires for 2 days maximum will determine which size you get. For example, a small dog who only eats 200g a day should get the 500g containers, because the food will still be fresh by the time its all used. Whereas if the small dog was bought the 1000g meal, it would take 5 days to finish and that would make the food well past the advised 2-3 days on the packaging. A big dog who gets through 500g a day, a 1000g container would be perfect for 2 days worth of food. 2 dogs that combined get through 500g a day, again, 1000g size would be appropriate for them.
9) I bought one of the pork hocks as a treat, but my dog doesn’t get through it all in one sitting, what should I do?
Simply rinse it under the tap and put it in a separate jiffy bag or cling flim and put it back in the freezer until next time.
10) Can I feed my dog bones?
Yes you just! Bones not only contain highly important nutrients which is why they are in every raw paw meal, but they are extremely good for a dogs oral hygiene as they clean the teeth and gums. Dogs are recommended to have 1-3 bones a week. There are bones in each raw paw meal so you don’t need to worry about that from the nutrients side of things, however from the oral hygiene side a nice satisfying bone to chew on is advised. A few simple rules regarding bones, do not give a bone too big as it could crack their teeth and don’t give little chicken bones as they could swallow them whole and choke. For suitable bones see our treats page for some chewy treats for your chum.
11) How do I handle the raw meat?
Always wash your hands and all utensils and surfaces that are used during serving, it may be alright for your canine friends stomach, but yours isn’t so robust, always maintain good hygiene when dealing with the food. Our containers are sealed and leak-proof. Humans can never be too careful when it comes to handling raw meat. If you have young children it would be wise to remove the dog bowls out of reach and even wash them between meals.
12) Where is your meat sourced from and is it human grade?
All the ingredients used are human grade meat that you or I could eat before we mince it. All our beef is British and Irish. All our meats are certified under the EU Welfare standards. If you have any questions regarding origins and what’s used feel free to contact us.
13) I’m struggling to justify the cost?
There are a few different ways of looking at it:

1) The ingredients used in all our products are human grade fresh meats which cost more but make a quality product free of any preservatives, additives or fillers.

2) This diet is a conscious decision of yours, your dog cant pick what food they eat so they rely on you to make the choice. If you cannot afford it then there are pet food manufacturers out there who produce cheaper food, just be aware they achieve this by pumping it with fillers and lesser quality ingredients to meet the lower customer price brackets. But there are ones out there that are better than others. Just take a look at the ingredients next time you pick up their packaging, see if you can recognise what all the ingredients are.

3) Like with our bodies, it’s a lifestyle choice, if you want to look after yourself you can, now if you want to look after your dog responsibly, you can. What you put in, you get out. The benefits you will see in your dogs health will hopefully reduce the chances of illness, especially stomach illnesses later on in life, which could save on extortionate vet bills. Would you rather pay a little bit more now in the short term, have a healthy dog and in the long term recoup the money spent on vets bills. Alternatively, save a little money now and shortcut on food and then quite literally pay the price later on with inflated vet bills and medications?

4) If you are still struggling to justify the monthly cost, let us put it into perspective a bit more. How much do you spend on one family meal out with the kids or a meal for two? Somewhere in the region of £50-£100? That one meal out would cover the entire cost of a Small or Medium sized dogs food for a whole month! Think of it as taking them out with you for that meal, but instead its every mealtime for them, lucky sods