What's wrong with dog biscuits?

Do you know what's in your dog's food? ....unrecognisable ingredients, additives, chemicals, colourings, preservatives, flavourings, sugars, fillers?

If you struggle to pronounce the ingredients on the packaging of your dog's food, then there's a high chance that it's heavily processed and far from natural. Commercial dry dog food or kibble brands, often pad out their 'meaty' dog foods with fillers and unnecessary carbohydrates/grains to stretch out the food and drive down the costs of production.

For decades, the dog food industry has used clever terminology and marketing tactics to lead the customer in to believing they are buying a quality product. The continual pursuit of profit has driven large pet food brands to manufacture low quality dog food, while giving the impression of being high in meat. Look out for the following phrases next time you're in a pet food store...

-‘meat derivatives’, ‘meat by-products’, 'meat formula'

-'with chicken', 'with beef'

-chicken 'flavour'

All of the above are signs of low quality ingredients....if they really were made with high quality meat, the packaging would simply read 'meat', it wouldn’t need embellishing.

Why should I feed my dog a raw diet?

...because it's a biologically appropriate diet, the diet that mother nature intended.

Despite the volume of different breeds and variations of dogs around today, certain attributes remain the same... all dogs are carnivores. All dogs no matter how fluffy or domesticated, have evolved from the grey wolf and still share an incredible 99.9% of the same DNA (as studied by evolutionary biologist Robert Wayne). Dogs and wolves need a particular diet in order to thrive; meat, offal, bone and vegetation. In the wild, wolves catch their prey, they get meat, bone, offal from the animal and its organs, the vegetation comes from the contents of the animals stomach.

Raw Paw is based on the BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw feeding.) All of our meals are completes, made up of nutritionally calculated ratios of meat, bone, 10% offal, 15% fruit & veg. They are all 100% natural and have NOTHING added. Raw Paw really is the closest you can get to a dog's natural diet. By switching your dog to Raw Paw you will see many benefits both short and long term. As dog owners we have a duty of care and responsibility to them, they rely on us to get it right, and there's nothing better than a happy dog both on the inside and out.

Raw diets can have a positive effect on dogs with allergies, skin problems, joint inflammation, sensitive stomachs and much more... Click here to see what benefits a Raw Paw diet can have

Dogs thrive on raw diets because it's what they are meant to eat. Dogs are nutritionally very resilient even when fed sub standard diets, but over time their health pays the price.